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Why Work With Us?

Customized Solutions

CORO can provide a customized solution for your community, whether you are looking for full service, financial only, or consulting services, we have the tools, contacts, and resources to help make your association function efficiently.

Stay Educated

We know that education is the key to the successful management of your Association. We have distinguished ourselves apart from other firms who commonly refer to HOA management as “property” management. While facilities (property) management is one aspect of Common Interest Development (CID) management, there are five other essential components to CID management; Association Communication, Community Leadership, Community Governance, Risk Management and Financial Management. Without a management company assisting your Board of Directors it’s very easy for the Board to be overwhelmed by the task of serving as a volunteer Board member.

As a board member, you are responsible for representing the needs of the entire community and must always approach each decision with the best interest of the community, as a whole, in mind. In order to successfully fulfill this assignment, CORO provides a comprehensive training program for board members.

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