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Inspector of Election

With the changing laws regarding Elections, you may consider reducing your liability by having an independent third party handle the Election process. The residents of your community can be assured that the election is handled fairly, and the Association will not be troubled with making sure all aspects of the election are in accordance with the civil code. DSA

Budget & Disclosure Consulting

consultingDisclosure requirements are constantly changing. Coro can help you handle all steps of the Budget Disclosure package, providing an experienced budgeting consultant to work on figures, and hand the mailing the package to the membership within the timeframe specified by the CC&Rs and civil code 1365.

Expert Witness Services

With over 18 years experience in the CID industry, we have testified in many depositions for Associations. We can be called upon to act as a witness for the HOA from

Record Secretarial Services

We can provide a professional recording secretary to attend your Board meetings, equipped with a laptop to record your minutes. Minutes will be provided to the Board within 10 business days of the meeting for the Board’s review.