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Thank you for your interest in Coro Community Management & Consulting.

We are committed to forming positive, solution-oriented partnerships that work together to build communities. We adhere to solid management principles that incorporate quality and cost-effectiveness in handling the day-to-day operations and special projects to ensure reliable value for the association and to promote mutually supportive communities.

We believe that Management serves as an expert partner with Board Members, becoming their compass in leading and recommending best practices. Our internal performance standards and experienced managers work as advocates for the Board and Homeowners, alike. While we cannot dictate what actions and decisions the Board makes, we can advise, taking ownership in the matters Board Members face as if the community was our own.

About the CEO

Coro was founded by company CEO, Karen Kokowicz, CCAM, CMCA, PCAM.

She holds a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation and also holds the Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designation from Community Association Institute (CAI). She obtained her PCAM in 1998 and is part of an elite group of managers, 1600 nationwide, that have earned the highest level of professional designation in the community association field.

Karen has been a member of California Association of Community Managers, CACM since 1994 and obtained her CCAM certification in 1996.

As a leader in the CID industry Karen volunteers her time to education board members, homeowners and fellow mangers as Chairman of the CAI-GLAC programs committee.

Karen's management experience includes local associations with as little as nine units and as much as 278 units. Her budgetary experience includes buildings with a budget exceeding $2 million in annual revenue. With such a diverse portfolio, she has successfully grasped and attends to the needs of both small and large communities.

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